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2017-18 Meridian Wellness Page

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Weekly Wellness Tip


We see many kids each day who have come in very early after school starts with headaches and stomach aches.
One of the first questions we asked is if they have had breakfast... many times the answer is - no. 
The range of reasons can be wide.  
Most of the time they just did not have time. 
We all have heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For our kids it is crucial. 
With the cold Midwest winter at the front door, here are a few reasons why breakfast is a boost: 
Improved Grades

Eating breakfast can improve cognitive performance, test scores and achievement scores in students, especially in younger children.

Increased Concentration

Students who eat a low-glycemic, balanced breakfast may have better concentration and more positive reactions to difficult tasks than students who eat a carbohydrate-laden breakfast or no breakfast at all. 


Weight Maintenance

Eating breakfast regularly may also help students maintain a healthy weight. 


While eating any breakfast is better than skipping breakfast altogether, some choices are better than others. 

Carbohydrate-only breakfasts, such as bagels and toast, can give energy for one to two hours, while complete breakfasts that contain a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates can keep blood sugar levels steady for hours. 

Some quick ideas: 


  • toast with peanut butter and a piece of fruit 
  • cereal with milk and glass of 100 percent fruit juice. 
  • granola bar or a protein bar with a glass of milk. 
  • granola bars, protein bars and fruit in the students backpack for the ride to school.
  • if you have time, make an omelet with cheese, broccoli and some turkey bacon.

BreakfastFirst.org: The Benefits of Breakfast: Health and Academics

- The Wellness Committee 🍎


Wellness Committee Members

Mona Smith
Shawn Byers
Jill Huber     Lisa Reber
Heather Alderks    Danielle Jackson Kunce
Deb Thibodeau    Kayla McKinney  Coordinator
Shannon Kaltenbach  Kim Hiort - as needed
Joi Dundas   Tamara Wood
Sarah Hogan     Matt Bouback
Todd Hall  


We also want to remind everyone that you must fill out the paperwork prior to starting class. The paperwork is attached or can be found on our website www.powercombatfitness.com in the "Forms" section. All paperwork must be emailed to powercombatfitness@gmail.com or faxed to 815-977-8150.

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We are excited to partner with the District and the Junior High PTO to bring awareness of health and fitness to the Valley.