Important End of Year Information

Important End of Year Information
Posted on 05/20/2020

Meridian 223 Community:

As this school year draws to a close I wanted to thank you for your patience, support, and encouragement over the past eight weeks. The feedback we have received from parents has been both supportive and instructive and has driven many conversations throughout the district as we prepare for what seem like limitless possibilities as to how we will ‘do school’ in the Fall. As I have already begun to receive questions I want to assure you that as soon as we know what the Fall will look like we will communicate that with everyone – and at this point anybody with a prediction or guess has just that as there is little certainty pertaining to this situation.

As we close out the year, we have many dates and pieces of information we need to share with you. While many are directed at the high school, we feel it appropriate to share in one large message.

  • New learning will cease on either this Friday or next Monday. Students and parents will receive more information from their individual schools as to the posting of grades.
  • We have made the decision to continue providing food to our community through (at-least) June 30th. We have been providing approximately 2300 meals per week and that number has increased every week. Given that there is a need, we feel it our responsibility to continue to support where we can. The pick-up process will remain the same as it has been the past several weeks.
  • We have decided to allow students who have a district-issued Chromebook or hotspot to keep the materials throughout the summer months. Our sincere hope is that they continue to access the software programs they have been throughout Remote Learning to extend their learning throughout the summer. This extension of learning, however, will be voluntary and NOT under the direction of any school personnel.
  • Material drop-off and pick-up (School and PE Locker Clean-out) - The scheduled date for this is May 23 from 9 until 3. (Yes, this is a Saturday.) We felt it was our best chance to have the greatest participation. May 26th from 9 until 3 is the RAIN DATE. If there is not rain on the 23rd, then no activity will take place on the 26th. Each student will need to pick up materials from their respective schools. We understand that this will mean parents may need to visit multiple schools, but logistically we believed this was our best chance to eliminate mistakes and confusion. Lockers will have been totally cleaned out on behalf of the student at the 6-12 levels and desks, etc. at the Pre-K-5 levels. Families WILL NOT need to leave their vehicles. Student materials will have already been gathered and bagged for them and centrally located for ease of retrieval and distribution. This will also be the time to return all materials that are the property of the school including textbooks, Chromebooks (if a family chooses), etc.
  • High School Graduation update . . .
    • June 14th we will partner with WREX and they will stream a virtual graduation ceremony to honor our students inclusive of traditional speeches and a recognition of each graduate.
    • We are holding out hope for a July 19th ceremony – even though this is looking less and less likely. We are also working with BMO to potentially hold the ceremony there if it is necessary to comply with social distancing measures.
    • If the July 19th date will not work, we will build the stage at the HS and then assign times for graduates and families to cross the stage and hear their name announced on the 19th. This would allow each student to cross the stage, take photographs, etc. Our current guidance would prohibit school personnel from shaking hands, handing diplomas, etc.
  • Other HS Rites of Passage
    • PROM – Friday, June 26th. If this date does not work – it will not be re-scheduled
    • Jr./ Sr. Banquet – Friday, July 17th. If this date does not work – it will not be re-scheduled
    • Scholarship Night – Held remotely on the 21st – those directly impacted will receive additional information.

Again, thank you. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

PJ Caposey