Survey Results
Posted on 07/05/2020

Survey Results

July 3, 2020 Message from Dr. Caposey


Meridian Community:

Over the past several months we have asked your opinion in a variety of ways on a variety of subjects. We have attempted to be thoughtful in our approach and your feedback has certainly guided our efforts. The questions asked last week were done so intentionally based on what we assumed would be our ‘hot-button’ issues in attempting to construct a plan that both meets the state guidance and fulfills our local needs.

For reference and ease of understanding the charts below, the questions we asked were as follows:

  1. If we return to school without social distancing requirements would you choose to send your child back to school?

  2. If we return to school with a requirement to wear a mask or face shield and social distancing throughout the day, would you send your child back to school?

  3. If we return to school without a requirement for staff or students to wear a mask or face shield throughout the day and without social distancing would you send your child back to school?

  4. If I have the choice, I would want to OPT OUT my student. (If Remote Learning was an option provided by the district, I would choose that over sending them back to receive any in-person instruction until there is a viable treatment or vaccine)

  5. If the school were to return to in-person instruction mandating ALL students wear a mask or face shield AND acknowledge that not all classrooms will be able to be appropriately socially distanced, would you choose to take advantage of a Remote Learning curriculum provided by the district instead of sending your student(s) to school.

Below you will find the results we garnered aggregated the best we can by building to better help explain the data. The n indicated on each chart represents the total number of responses for each question. We will be using this data in conjunction with the anecdotal information collected by conversation and email over the past week as a Leadership Team and BOE to select our approach moving forward. Our hope is to send that information to you mid-next week.

Thank you again for your participation, 

PJ Caposey

Whole District