Staff Directory


Kenny Lamer Director of Buildings and Grounds Email: [email protected] Interesting Fact: Kenny ranked top three in the nation at NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway two years in a row. 
 John Finley Operations Manager Email: [email protected] Interesting Fact: John enjoys cooking and trying new foods. He aspires to one day own his own food truck specializing in gourmet sandwiches.



Buildings and Grounds Maintenance


 Henry Roos  
Tom Burke Interesting Fact: Tom served in the National Guard and spent a year in Afghanistan. 
Gavyn Nelson Interesting Fact: Gavyn won the  Cherry Vale Mall Cutest Kid Contest in 1997.
Justin Stewart  Interesting Fact: Justin aka "Stu"  has served on his local fire department for almost 20 years.



Stillman Valley High School Custodial 


Brennan Showers Day Custodian  Interesting Fact: Brennan graduated college with a degree in youth ministry and aspires to be a youth pastor. 
Carrie Schmidt Night Custodian Interesting Fact: Carrie enjoys cooking, baking, and arts and crafts in her spare time.
Jacob Noble Part-Time Night Custodian  
Kristine Cornford  Part-Time Night Custodian Interesting Fact: Kristine grew up on a farm. Her family primarily farmed corn and had cattle.
Payton Wohlford  Part-Time Night Custodian Interesting Fact: Payton's favorite video game is Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.


Meridian Junior High School

Alicia Knight Head Custodian  Interesting Fact: Alicia is able to read and understand German 
Cathy Bozzi Night Custodian Interesting Fact: Cathy holds multiple house high scores at the Galloping Ghost Arcade.
Shawn Duguid  Night Custodian Interesting Fact:  Shawn used to be very good at knife throwing and could hit an apple from about 10 paces. 
Payton Banfe  Part-Time Night Custodian  



Monroe Center Elementary School


Joe Moreau Head Custodian
Ashley Simmons Night Custodian
Charlotte Garren Part-Time Night Custodian 



Highland Elementary School


Dave Babcock Head Custodian 
 Lynette Simmons Night Custodian 
 Jacob Kubly Part-Time Night Custodian