Covid-19 Response

In response to the current Covid-19 pandemic we have taken many measures to mitigate the risk as much as we can.  We have purchased an excess stock of personal protective equipment including gloves, face masks/shields, cleaning suits, and shoe covers.  We also acquired extra cleaning supplies to ensure we had enough should there be a shortage.  We put a foot activated hand sanitizer dispenser at each entrance of each building.  In an effort to ensure our buildings and school busses are properly sanitized we also purchased 15 electrostatic sprayers for disinfectant and have a 50 gallon drum of Bioesque disinfectant in each building as well as spare drums in our supply warehouse.  Every night we disinfect each classroom, bathroom, and office with the electrostatic sprayers.  Each classroom also has its own stock of Renown #6 Neutral Disinfectant, paper towels, and microfiber rags.  This allows the teachers to wipe down desks during the day as needed to supplement the daily cleaning.