2020-2021 Student Registration

2020-2021 Student Registration
Posted on 06/01/2020

Registration is OPEN!

The 2020 – 2021 registration is now open. 

Registration can be accessed through your Skyward Family Access account for current students in the Meridian #223 school district.   The Board of Education has approved to extend the Early Incentive Registration indefinitely.  This means that you are still able to pay on your account and receive the early incentive rate.  You can view your student account balance in your Family Access account under fee management.  Payments can be mailed or made through the e-pay system found on the district webpage.

Information regarding new students to the district, Pre K, Kindergarten and the In Person registration will be sent as it becomes available.  

If you should have any questions regarding the online registration process, please email Pat McCracken or Elaine Nicholson


  • Kindergarten      -   $100 registration fee
  • 1st & 2nd Grade  -   $105 registration fee
  • 3rd Grade           -   $118 registration fee
  • 4th – 8th Grade   -   $113 registration fee
  • SVHS                 -   $128 registration fee

Registration must be complete by July 17th to ensure our ability to transport students at the beginning of the school-year.  Registering on time is an important function of our community supporting our schools. The act of registering and paying fees on-time not only supports our budgeting process, but more importantly allows schools and transportation to operate as smooth as possible at the outset of the school-year.


  • Kindergarten      -  $100 cuota
  • Grados 1 y 2      -   $105 cuota
  • Grado 3              -   $118 cuota
  • Grados 4-8         -  $113 cuota
  • SVHS                 -   $128 cuota 

La inscripción tiene que ser completado para el 17 de julio para asegurar nuestra habilidad de transportar los estudiantes al principio del año escolar.  Inscribirse a tiempo es una función importante de nuestra comunidad en apoyar las escuelas. Inscribirse y pagar las cuotas a tiempo no solo apoya nuestro proceso presupuestario, pero más importante aún permite las escuelas y transporte que operen lo más suave posible desde el principio del año escolar.