Current Covid Update

Current Covid Update updated 1/13/2022
Posted on 01/14/2022

January 13, 2022

Meridian Community,

As is the case around the nation, our local COVID data increased significantly since the time of our last update. The new guidelines shared with the community earlier this week will assist us in keeping schools open and providing face-to-face instruction, but the increase in cases is still troublesome in terms of ensuring we can provide adequate instruction and supervision for students. If you are interested in volunteering or substituting for ANY district position, please let me know and I can start you through the process.  

Total current number of positive students: 51 (10 at HES, 5 at MC, 9 at MJH, 27 at SVHS)

Total number of students positive (or presumed positive) since the beginning of school: 309

Students in Test-To-Stay Program Currently: 72

Students in Quarantine Currently: 139

Our current data (for our three primary zip codes, not our schools) is below and available for reference (and updated daily) here:

 ·7-day positivity rate – 21.7%

·Average number of COVID positives per day – 21.1

·New cases per 100,000 residents - 1968

An additional visual that I like with COVID data from Ogle County is available here and also updated daily.

Thank you,

Dr. Caposey