Current Covid Update

Current Covid Update updated 2/17/2022
Posted on 02/18/2022

February 17, 2022

Meridian Community,

We are very thankful that since moving to mask-optional the metrics in both our schools and our area have continued to improve. The data is provided below.

Total current number of positive students: 4 (0 at HES, 1 at MC, 0 at MJH, 3 at SVHS)

Total number of students positive (or presumed positive) since the beginning of school: 536

Students in Test-To-Stay Program Currently: 0

Students in Quarantine Currently: 4

Our current data (for our three primary zip codes, not our schools) is below and available for reference (and updated daily) here:

 ·7-day positivity rate – 5.8%

·Average number of COVID positives per day – 1.3

·New cases per 100,000 residents - 120

An additional visual that I like with COVID data from Ogle County is available here and also updated daily.

Thank you,

Dr. Caposey