Meridian 223 Opening of School Plan

Meridian 223 Opening of School Plan
Posted on 08/11/2021

Meridian Parents,

Since Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order on Wednesday mandated masks in school for all individuals, all county school leaders and school board members have been working diligently in an attempt to adapt our previous plans, communicate unwelcome news to our communities, and to prepare for the upcoming school year. What has become clear, is that we are all struggling with the same reality and we wanted to share consistent information with everyone across the county. Therefore, we decided to collaborate and create a consistent message to share with all Ogle County communities. 

In our plan you will find many details in which all districts will need to enforce in the coming year. While this is not what any of us wanted to do, we implore our communities to rally together so that we can work together to provide continuous in-person educational opportunities to our students.

We also thought it prudent to note that we are aware of potential protests and demonstrations speaking out against the statewide mandate and our districts’ decision to follow the Executive Order. Our hope is that while everyone has a right to protest decisions that they disagree with, we ask you to please allow us to operate a school environment that is conducive to learning. To clarify, anyone without an agreed upon exemption (as described below) who chooses not to wear a mask will not be permitted into our buildings or learning environments. 

We desperately want the opportunity to educate your students again. While every single county district was strongly considering OR had already recommended a mask-optional approach, we now find ourselves in this difficult position. We ask you for support so that we can get back to our primary purpose of educating your student.

Again, as district leaders throughout the county, we appreciate your patience and support. We have the opportunity to make the best of a situation we all wish we were not in, but to do so we need your support. 


Thank you, 


PJ Caposey in collaboration with all Ogle County Superintendents

Opening of School Plan