Welcome 2022-23 School Year

Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year - Dr. Caposey
Posted on 08/01/2022
Cardinal Head

Meridian Community and Families,

Each year I write this letter knowing it brings forth mixed emotions for our parents. It ushers in the stress that accompanies the start of the school-year and for some the relief of getting back to a normal schedule. So, while some of you are sad, as your exclusive time with your children draws to a close, I know others are breathing a sigh of relief as the kids will be out of the house. All of that considered, we are extremely excited to welcome your kids back to school in just a couple of weeks.

The past two and a half years have challenged who we are as a society, a community, and as a district. I believe the relationship between Meridian CUSD 223 and our community is truly a great relationship. I am hopeful that we have emerged stronger than before, as great relationships can use trying times to forge even stronger bonds. 

We are proud to note that we continue to have strong academic outcomes for our students and have been recognized for the 6th consecutive year by US News and World Report. That being said, we are far from satisfied and have much work to do. This year we will introduce new resources into many of our classrooms, and we will continue to revamp our curriculum to ensure our students are getting the best possible opportunity for success in our classrooms. 

Annually, in this letter I share what our district focus for the year will be. This year our theme focuses on ownership and being our own light forward. The past two years have been difficult. To be honest, they have been the hardest years of my career personally. But, I came to the realization last fall that the only way things were going to get better is if I decided to find joy in the job, and only I could do that. I needed to take more ownership of my situation. I had to do internal work to experience external success. 

Thus, this will be our internal focus for the year. We will continue to take ownership of our results, our behaviors, and our culture. We will continue to work on becoming the change we wish to see in schools in general and specifically within our own community. As always thank you for your never-ending support as we tirelessly strive to enact our vision of having small-town values and world-class results.  

We are amazingly fortunate as a district to serve this community. Our success is your success – but your success also leads to our success. We are a reflection of you in many ways.

Also, please continue to connect with us on our social media platforms. We work very hard to attempt to meet our parents and students where they already are – so we hope to see you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (HS focused). Please label school-related posts with #WeAreMCUSD so we can collaboratively celebrate the great things happening in our community.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school-year!

Thank you, and let’s make it a great year,

Dr. PJ Caposey, Superintendent