Referendum Information

Election Results
Last night the referendum placed on the ballot by the district garnered a significant amount of support and has successfully passed.
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Informational: November 2020 Referendum
Before I begin with the content of this section of my email, I want to say thank you. This year has been trying for everyone, and what is clear is that this community deeply and passionately cares about its schools. I cannot thank you enough for being our partner through thick and thin, and I promise you that we will continue to do whatever we can to provide a safe learning environment for your students.
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What 1.4 Million Dollars in Reductions Could Look Like
Below you will find the list of potential cuts as requested many times from many community members. We were reluctant to share this as it is a document that adds stress to both our staff and our community, but the demand for this information was clear.
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Cost of Yes, Cost of No
Below, I will outline the 'COSTS' associated with the referendum from multiple perspectives and the ballot language in order to limit as much confusion as possible when people enter the voting booth.
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April 6 Referendum FAQ's
This week, I will address four questions that have come up via that interaction with the community and/or have been forwarded to me after people have placed them on social media. Finally, as I have done each week, I will include the ballot language below.
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