Referendum Next Meeting Information

Referendum Next Meeting Information

Meridian Community,

I want to thank everyone who attended the virtual town hall on Tuesday. We had over 100 people watching and communicating ‘live’ and over 2,000 overall views at this point. Thank you for taking the time to be informed on this critical decision.

Next Tuesday, we will have a meeting at 5:30 at the Stillman Valley Fire Department. The meeting will adhere to the social distancing, capacity requirements, and mask mandate that currently impacts all school events. If you cannot attend this town hall there will either be a face-to-face or virtual town hall each of the next five weeks on Tuesday at 5:30.

Below you will see responses to the five most frequently asked questions we have received thus far offline and through the virtual town hall. The attachment linked at the very bottom of the email notes how the referendum money has been spent over the past six years to provide context as to why this revenue is important to the district.

Thank you for staying informed, 

Dr. Caposey

1)     How much money does the revenue from the referendum bring in?

a.      Our current district EAV is $191,837,980

b.      The current ED Fund Tax Rate is 3.48 – this yields $6,675,961 in revenue

c.      If the ED Fund Tax Rate was 2.78 – this would yield $5,333,095 in revenue

d.      Thus, the referendum brought in $1,342,000 this year

e.      The referendum is NOT asking to increase the current tax rate.

2)     Why is this not another term referendum?

a.      A term increase was pursued for two key reasons in 2014. First, it was unclear that if the district appropriately managed money if the additional revenue was needed. Second, the community did not trust the district at that time and the theory was that multiple years of appropriate fiscal management would restore trust.

In the six years since the referendum has passed the district has experienced favorable financial conditions. To explain, district EAV has increased, state funding has been sound, and referendum revenues have made a large difference. With these conditions and increased revenue, it is clear that we are still only funded at 68% of adequacy per the state calculations and we need this additional revenue to create the educational experiences and opportunities for kids that we feel they deserve. This is why the district is asking for the November 2014 rate increase to be permanent.

3)     Is this or is it not a tax increase?

a.      This is NOT a tax increase. If your house DOES NOT increase in value, the amount of taxes you pay to MCUSD’s Education Fund WILL NOT increase.

b.      If the referendum vote is NO – in time the Education Fund will decrease. The savings at that time would be approximately $300 annually on a $150,000 home.

4)     How does our superintendent’s salary compare to previous superintendents and the surrounding area?

a.      While MCUSD strongly believes that this referendum should not be based on any singular metric, there were a few questions regarding our superintendent’s compensation. For transparency, the link below will take you to a page comparing his salary to superintendents of unit districts in our county and to the previous MCUSD administration.

5)     What do we ‘get’ with this additional investment?

a.      This is the question that is central to the entire referendum. The district is not asking to extend this referendum to do any particular thing. This referendum would allow the district to continue moving along the path that it has over the past six years. If the referendum vote is NO – then it becomes a question of what people, programs, and opportunities for kids are going to be cut. This referendum is about maintenance more than it is about adding.

For more information on how the revenue has been used, please see the attachment/link below.

Superintendent Compensation.pdf 

How Money was Spent.pdf