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2017-18 Meridian Junior High Announcements

Week of May 21, 2018

2017-18 Meridian Junior High Announcements

For the Week of May 21







May 21

May 22

May 23

May 24

May 25

May 26

Rebecca Caudill Readers Limo Ride rescheduled

Yearbooks handed out at lunch

Yearbook handed out in am Room 215

Yearbooks sold before school & after in Room 215 Cost $18.00 first come first served

5:30 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony @SVHS

8th Grade Banquet & Dance 7-9 pm MJHS

Yearbooks sold before school & after in Room 215 Cost $18.00 first come first served

Last Day of School

Yearbooks sold before school & after in Room 215 Cost $18.00 first come first served



Important Dates Coming Up:  May 21 - Rebecca Caudill Limo Ride Rescheduled; May 24 - 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony @SVHS 5:30; 8th Grade Banquet/Dance 7-9 pm at MJHS; May 25 - Last day of school


  • Congrats to Genesis Myers for placing 30th throwing discus at the State Track Meet last Friday. 

  • MJHS Student Council will be sponsoring a Babysitting First Aid and CPR Class June 15th from 8am-11am at the Jr High. We were able to get a discounted rate of $35! This class provided by Northern IL CPR and First Aid will certify your student in CPR and First Aid for 2 years! If interested please send a check in to the Jr High 0ffice made out to MCUSD 223 in an envelope with you Students name, your phone and email on the front. Deadline for registration is May 23rd!!

  • If your student brought home a spring picture packet, and you are not purchasing them, don't forget to send them back to the MJHS office.  Otherwise Lifetouch will bill you.

  • Looking to keep your student on track for next year?  Need him/her to "catch up" ?  Have them join us for our Summer Bridge Program!  Held at MJHS starting the first week of June - click HERE for information and sign up sheet.  LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!!  First Come First Serve!  Please contact Micki White with questions - swan0677@yahoo.com or (815)988-7361.  Optional Meeting on Monday, May 14 6:00 pm Room 103

  • Detasseling forms are available in office for Hickerson, Bauer and Maher.  

  • IMPORTANT DATE FOR 8TH GRADE STUDENTS:  PROMOTION CEREMONY MAY 24 5:30 AT SVHS.  Banquet/Dance will follow the Promotion Ceremony from 7-9 pm at MJHS.  

  • Lessons Learned:  Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date.  I cannot release your student to a friend or neighbor unless they are listed as an emergency contact.  I know I had a few frustrated people on the day of the incident at SVHS, but I was really protecting your student.  You can amend emergency contacts on Family Access.

    • Login to Family Access.

    • Click on the Student Info tab.  

    • Click on Request Changes right above where the name of the school is on the right.  

    • You can update contact numbers, change the order of who is contacted first or add an additional emergency contact such as your neighbor.  

      • Do not list yourself or your spouse as an emergency contact.  You will be called first anyway.

      • You can add a sibling as an emergency contact if he or she is 18 or older.

    • If you need your login info please call the office.  Make sure we have your current phone number and email, too!
  • If you have questions or concerns about a grade your student received, please contact the teacher directly.  All teacher email addresses can  be found in their agenda or on district webpage.  Click on Meridian Jr. High School and click Faculty Contact.

  • Remember, we don't collect homework for students until they have been absent 3 or more days.  Skyward often has lesson plans and assignments posted by various teachers.  Sometimes you can even find the PDF of worksheets you an print off at home.

  • We are looking for parent volunteers to support our teachers.  If you are interested in making copies, laminating, etc. contact Kelli Zitzke at kzitzke@mail.meridian223.org

  • Please do your best to communicate with your student pick-up procedures before school starts.  If you are picking them up early, please write a note and have your student stop by the office before school.  You must come into the office to sign your student out.

  • Like the District Facebook page @MeridianCUSD223 to see all of the great things happening at MJHS.  

  • Lunch money needs to be dropped off in the office first thing in the morning.  If it comes in after 9:00 a.m. it will not be entered until the next day.

  • Breakfast is served in the small gym in the morning!

  • Remember students cannot text or call you to come pick them up if they are sick.  They must come down to see the nurse in order for the absence to be excused.
  • If you have a student involved in athletics and/or activities you must turn in all required paperwork and pay the athletic fee before your student can participate.  You can find the 8 to 18 registration link on the right side of the district website.

  • Please take the time to log in to Home Connect to see your student’s progress in Accelerated Reader and in Math 2.0!  Log in using your student’s Accelerated Reader username and password. (username = first name. Last name password is their student ID number)  Click here to log in to your Home Connect

  • We are looking for volunteers!  MJHS has a PBIS Bird  Buck Store the first Thursday of every month.  We are looking for parent volunteers that would be willing to work from 11-2.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Janet Hall at jhall@mail.meridian223.org 

BULLYING:  Is It Bullying?

  • When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once, that is RUDE

  • When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and do it once, that is MEAN

  • When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it- even when you tell them to stop or show them you are upset, that is BULLYING

  ****Please remind your students this includes things they say/post on social media****
LIBRARY BOOKS AND FINES: Please make sure you have returned all library books and have paid any fines you may owe.  If you have any questions, please see the librarians. 
8TH GRADE BOOK CLUB:  Meets Friday's: 
7TH GRADE BOOK CLUB:  Meets Friday's:   
ILL CHILD:  If your student does not feel well during the school day, they must come down to see the nurse. The nurse will contact you. If your student texts you and asks you to pick them up because they are sick, this may not be excused by the office. If you receive a text from your child, please direct them to the nurse. 

MJHS PTO NEWS:  Please click HERE to see the PTO news: 

  • Color Run 2018 registration is now open!  You can register online at www.mjhspto.com. Color Run 2018 will be held Sunday, September 30.  This is such a fun event and great way to support MJHS!

  • Did you know you can raise funds for the MJHS PTO without spending any extra money?  Download the Shoparoo app and select our school!  All you do is snap pictures of your receipts and submit them on the app - every receipt gives us points and every point earns cash.  Super Easy!

  • Be sure to "like" Meridian Jr. High PTO on Facebook to stay up to date.

  • Next PTO Meeting is Tuesday, June 5 at 6:30 pm at Cardinal Cafe.  All current MJHS parents and teachers are welcome.

  • Contact Bethany Denton, PTO President, anytime to get involved, volunteer or ask questions at meridianjrhighpto@gmail.com

PBIS STORE:  The next PBIS store is next school year, stay tuned.  New Hours for the PBIS Store 10:50 - 2:00.  Please have all your birdbucks signed.  

MORNINGS:  Remember there is no supervision before 7:00 a.m. If you drop your student off before that, they will be outside until the building opens at 7:00 am. Please remember that you are not allowed to walk to Casey's or Marathon in the morning after exiting the bus.  You need to enter the building upon exiting the bus.  Breakfast is served in the small gym.


  • If your student is involved in an activity, they must be academically eligible.  Academically eligible means they must be passing all classes each week.  The following steps will be followed involving eligibility: 
    • First Offense:  the student may not compete in any contests for that week, but may practice with the team.
    • Second Offense:  the student may not practice or compete in any contest for that week.
    • Third Offense:  the student will be dismissed from the team.
    • Remember if your student is involved in a club or sport, they must be in attendance at school for at least 4 periods in order to practice or play in a game.  The absence should be excused by a note from the dentist, doctor, etc.

AGENDAS:  If your student has misplaced his or her agenda, there are extras in the office that may be purchased for $8.00.

LOCKERS - Remember to lock your lockers!  Mrs. Davis feels sad when students’ items go missing, but if you locked your locker, you would not have an issue.  This also includes your gym locker.

LEAVING CAMPUS - Students are NOT allowed to leave campus and then return to get on the bus.  Mrs. Davis is responsible for your student from the moment they leave your house until the moment they get home. For example, they are not allowed to run to Casey’s and then come back on campus. If they are hurt crossing Route 72, Mrs. Davis is responsible.  Any student that does, this will not be allowed to get on the bus.

BIRD BUCKS:  Have you earned any bird bucks?  There is always time to get caught being GREAT!  Use them in the  BIRD BUCK STORE.  Make sure your name is on them.

LIBRARY:  Remember to bring in your Box Tops to the library.  It helps us purchase items to make the MJHS library GREAT!!

6th Grade - 85 Million Words - 79,380,362 Read - 88%
7th Grade - 88 Million Words - 72,702,927 - 83%
8th Grade - 90 Million Words - 49,115,400 - 55%

May 21 - Ice Cream Sundae bar during lunches for any grade who meets their goal!! Keep reading!!


NOTES FROM THE NURSE:  Please continue to reinforce the 3 C's:  CLEAN, COVER, & CONTAIN.  

CLEAN your hands often using soap and water or hand sanitizer.  
COVER your coughs & sneezes with tissue or use your sleeve if no tissue is available.
CONTAIN germs by staying home if you are sick. You should stay home at least 24 hours after being fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medicines.  
Let's stay healthy through this cold & flu season!

Coca Cola Rewards:  A HUGE THANK YOU for all that have donated their lids and points to MJHS.  

LUNCH BALANCE:  Please make sure your lunch balances are in the positive for this year.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) Reminders:  Students can only use cell phones and wear hats after school hours.  Cell phones need to be turned off and put away as soon as you enter the building.  If you have any questions about the PBIS reminders, please contact a teacher.

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of SEPTEMBER- RESPONSIBILITY!

6th Grade:  Tesla Goike & Braden Rogers
7th Grade:  Norah DeRosso & Aiden Livingston
8th Grade:  Sandra Laccer & Braden Shaw

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of OCTOBER- KINDNESS!

6th Grade:  Niyah Spotts & Levi Coppernoll
7th Grade:  Molly Tomash & Drake Stewart
8th Grade:  Lillie Doss & Madix Barrett

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of NOVEMBER - THANKFUL!

6th Grade:  Valynnzia Correa & Storm Hickey
7th Grade:  Brooke Hannebaum & Jared Fitzsimmons
8th Grade:  Valerie Bierdz & Robert Haymes

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of DECEMBER - COMPASSIONATE!

6th Grade:  Laney Archibald & Zavier Meraz
7th Grade:  Ella Challand & Owen Zitkus
8th Grade:  Rylee Reynolds & Luke Zitkus

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of JANUARY - RESPECTFUL!

6th Grade:  Madison Johnson & Aaron Walter
7th Grade:  Holidae Spotts & Joe Miller
8th Grade:  Megan Gale & Griffin Britnell

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of FEBRUARY - HELPFUL!

6th Grade:  Lilly Rudsinski & Ryan Morgan
7th Grade:  Cera Denton & Brady Connors
8th Grade:  Kylie Hall & Andrew Latham

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of MARCH - PERSEVERANCE!

6th Grade:  Grace Costello & Holland Reynolds
7th Grade:  Estefania Vazquez & Wyatt Gray
8th Grade:  Cody Blevins & Jacob Blevins

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The following are the students of the month of APRIL - SUCCESS!

6th Grade:  Rylie Vatch & Parker Gensler
7th Grade:  Jeremiah Bogner & Lane Jones
8th Grade:  Claire Montavon & Chris Seper

PBIS WINNERS:  Congrats to our 1st quarter PBIS Winners!!

6th Grade:  Lainey Dorsey & Kizer Winn
7th Grade:  Samantha Gonzalez & Hunter Peterson
8th Grade:  Addison Wythe & Dylan Davis

PBIS WINNERS:  Congrats to our 2nd quarter PBIS Winners!!

6th Grade:  Addison Hanners & Johnny DeKlerk
7th Grade:  Samantha Gonzalez & Kaley Doyle
8th Grade:  Lewis Beck & Cullen White

Congrats to Our Winners !!