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2018-19 Meridian Wellness Page

Check Out Weekly Wellness Tips!


Weekly Wellness Tip

Only two more weeks until Christmas!! It's really easy to get stressed out with all of the
holiday craze and having to check all of the things off of our to-do lists. Take some
time to read through the following information for some good tips to help maintain not
only your physical health, but also mental health during this busy, but joyous season!




Planning a Healthy Holiday Season


Plan your self-care routine.

  • Plan some “me-time” in your daily calendar. Maintaining your foundation of healthy habits
    is especially important over the next few weeks. Don’t look at these basic self-care habits
    as optional.
  • Eat well and don’t skip the “good for you” stuff. Limit your caffeine, sugar, fat and alcohol,
    while indulging in lean protein, fruits, veggies and whole grains. Don’t forego the “good
    stuff” to indulge in the “all-the-extra-stuff.” Consider planning your menus and make things
    to store in the freezer.
  • Be active. Whether you do it all at once or in small increments, make physical activity part
    of your daily calendar. Doing less is better than doing nothing at all.
  • Get enough sleep. Adequate sleep will help you maintain your weight, your emotional
    wellness and your health. If you have a difficult time getting to sleep, limit your caffeine
    intake after lunch and give yourself some down-time to relax before bedtime.

Plan your time.

  • Create a master calendar of events and activities that you want to do this holiday season.
  • Organize your time by ranking items as high, moderate and low priority. Focus first on the
    high priority items. Review your low priority items and remove them from your list, if
    possible.  Res
    chedule commitments and appointments that can wait until after the holidays.
  • Work to maintain your personal and time boundaries. Learn when to say “no”, if necessary.
    Don’t overextend your holiday commitments.
  • Share household responsibilities with your family. Trying to be everything to everyone
    causes burnout.

 Plan your finances.

  • Create a financial budget for gifts, travel and activities…then stick to it.
  • Communicate your plan to your family and friends.
  • Start a holiday savings account for next year.
  • Examine your current expenses to see what is absolutely necessary.
  • Look for creative gift ideas that your friends and family will appreciate and value that
    don’t cost you anything, like an exchange-a-favor gift. For example, trade off babysitting
    duties with other families. Volunteer to do household chores for elderly family members,
    single friends or overworked couples. Offer your skills (like cooking, cleaning,
    construction work, trade labor, etc.) to a friend or family member.

Plan for simplicity. 

  • Shop for gifts online or by mail…hello Amazon!
  • Plan for holiday parties at a local restaurant, or organize a potluck dinner instead
    of doing all the food preparation.
  • Take advantage of pre-cut produce and ready-prepared foods whenever possible.
  • Remember that saying “no” is an option.
  • Free yourself from technology for at least one hour each day. 


Have a wonderful weekend!
- The Wellness Committee 🍎

Wellness Committee Members

Trisha McKendry John Finley
Michelle Jozefowicz  Lisa Reber
Heather Alderks    Anna Nicholson
Elaine Nicholson   Kayla McKinney - Coordinator
Kelly Meyers Libby Ogren
Joi Dundas   Kayla Simpson
Jay Williams Denise Linclau
Beth Lauer