Chromebook FAQ

Q: My Chromebook is damaged/destroyed/not working, what should I do?

A: Take the Chromebook to the office/secretary of the building the student goes to. They will be given a Loaner Chromebook until their Chromebook is fixed and returned or will be issued a permanent replacement. A charge will be issued if the Chromebook is damaged outside of normal wear and tear or a manufacturer defect, (unless a staff member vouches for the student) –not sure about including the parenthesis part.

Q: My Chromebook will not turn on.

A: Leave the Chromebook plugged in for a few minutes to see if the charge light turns on. If the charge light is on, but red, leave the Chromebook plugged in for up to 30 minutes. If it changes to orange, it should power on the next time the lid is opened or the power button is. If it stays red or never turns on, then you will need to hand it into the office/secretary for repair/replacement. 

Q: I can’t type anything when I turn the Chromebook on. 

A: Try to restart it, occasionally the Chromebook has an error and will not allow keyboard input.